Objectives of the Project

Energy efficiency by the development of electromobility in Poland

The Project aims to promote the use of electric vehicles (EVs), develop methods supporting electromobility expansion and to comprehensively analyze environmental and technical effects of large-scale introduction of EV fleet.

Why is the project on electromobility implemented?

Electromobility development has been already perceived as an apparent trend in highly developed countries, especially in Western Europe. This has been driven by both the wealth of the populations as well as by increased public ecological awareness. At present, Poland cannot boast of success in this field. There are about several thousand charging stations installed in Germany, England, France, the Netherlands and Norway, whereas in Poland – only 150, and from about 80 to 150 thousand EVs are in use in the abovementioned countries as opposed to only less than two thousand in Poland. Therefore, rapid and decisive actions are needed in Poland to promote electromobility, in particular, through establishing relevant infrastructure, as well as appropriate incentives and  public information systems. Now Poland is among five EU’s countries where no measures have so far been undertaken to support electromobility development.

Method of action

Realization period: April 2017 – November 2017

Categories of the Project’s tasks:

ikona atomy na orbitach


ikona samochód elektryczny

Study and development

ikona gwiazda promocyjna


Support for the Project

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Project Partners