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Institute of Environmental Protection - National Research Institute

Environmental Technology Verification Unit / Atmosphere and Climate Modelling Division / Integrated Environmental Monitoring Division
The Institute is a scientific unit, supervised by the Minister of Environment, that conducts multilateral environmental research and undertakes activities in the field of advancing national economy with reference to: environmental protection, sustainable development, mitigation and adaptation to climate change, as well as sustainable use of the environment and its resources. The Institute conducts environmental impact assessments and various environmental studies, including environmental monitoring.<br /> Furthermore, the Institute has been developing scientific and technical foundations for national policies as regards environmental protection. Involvement in building national and international environmental policy distinguishes IOŚ-PIB among other Poland’s R&B units dealing with environmental issues.<br />

Warsaw University of Technology

Institute of Applied Research & Institute of Electric Engineering
The University of Technology was founded in Warsaw in 1915 by General Hans von Beseler. This is one of the largest and best university-level technical schools, not only in Poland but also in East-Central Europe.
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Czestochowa University of Technology

Institute of Electric Engineering
The Czestochowa University of Technology (CUT) was founded in 1949. Now research and development works are conducted by 6 faculties and 18 departments. It is the largest university-level technical school in the Czestochowa region. The university employs 1400 people, including 840 academic teachers - of whom 165 are independent researchers. All faculties of the Czestochowa University of Technology have the right to confer PhD degrees, and 3 of them also have the right to confer post-doctorate degrees.<br /> The Institute of Electric Engineering was established at Czestochowa University of Technology in September 1970. In January 1984, the Electro-Technological Institute was separated from the Institute of Electric Engineering and the Faculty of Electric Engineering was established.
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Green Business Norway

Green Business Norway (GBN) is a Norwegian organization implementing projects in the field of environmental protection and renewable energy. GBN's projects concern, among others, waste recycling and management, environmental monitoring and energy efficiency, and are based on Scandinavian expertise and the best available technologies. GBN is the Partner of IOŚ-PIB in the implementation of the Project “Energy efficiency by the development of electromobility in Poland” and carries out the analyses of the European market and calculation of CO2 emissions for selected market development scenarios, as well as prepares the compilation of good practices based on Norwegian expertise and methodologies for the development of EV charging infrastructure. GBN is also responsible for arranging a study trip to Norway and will take part in a conference to summarize the project.

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