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Baseline communication strategy consists in planning and implementation of activities that aim at efficient promotion of and education on the project. Efficient communication is perceived as all information, promotion and education activities that foster interest and social support for electro-mobility development. Above all, the communication is directed to promoting pro-environmental attitudes, supporting understanding and implementation of the project tasks, as well as to demonstrating the effects of work performed by experts, project partners and related institutions. In practice, this means imparting reliable and expert information, using carefully selected channels of communication relevant to particular social groups. This is an educational and promotional campaign that is engaging enough to create ecological awareness and permanently influence the cascade of positive attitudes in local communities.

One of the aims of the campaign is to increase the environmental awareness of Poles by enhancing the overall environmental awareness and concern for the environment, in particular by actively promoting electro-mobility in the context of environmental protection and, in particular, in the context of minimizing the so-called low emission, i.e. emission of pollutants resulting from the use of traditional fuels in transport, including: benzo(a)pyrene, CO2, SO2 and nitrogen oxides as well as PM10 and PM2.5 suspended particulate matter. The campaign uses a wide range of activities. The main tool that strengthens the message is an interactive campaign using video, photo, animation and infographic as well as social media channels. A variety of online media channels, including social media, and Google Display Network advertising will be used to increase the extent of the campaign. Moreover, modern means of communication based on the Internet, most effectively raise the awareness of the Project activities and encourage active participation of the working age group, which is a natural target group for the implementation of the project objectives.

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