Research work

The project scientific tasks involve

  • Building several possible scenarios for the development of electro-mobility and the dispersed power generation, including the scenario proposed by the Ministry of Energy,
  • Propagatory analyses of the power system taking into account quantitative and area scenarios of the large-scale introduction of electric car fleet in Poland,
  • Recognition of the adequacy of the existing NPS electricity infrastructure and of potentially negative interactions between the dispersed charging infrastructure and the NPS,
  • Analysis of the effect of the growth of dispersed power generation (RES) on the NPS infrastructure including the charging infrastructure,
  • Analysis of selected technical and economic aspects of the use of zero-emission transport , both public and individual using the example of solutions for zero-emission transport in selected towns and regions (and distribution of loading points),
  • Analyzes related to the assessment of the potential level of pollutant emission from the manufacturing sub-sector,
  • Analyzes related to the assessment of the potential level of changes in pollutant emission from the vehicle transport sector,
  • Environmental modelling of the pollutant spread using the GEM-AQ air quality model.

Support for the Project

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Project Partners