Signing of the agreement with the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management

On 27 July, 2017, in Warsaw, in the presence of Mr. Paweł Sałek – the Deputy Minister of Environment and the government commissioner for climate policy, there was signed the Agreement on the Implementation of the Project “Energy efficiency by the development of electromobility in Poland”, between the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management (NFOŚiGW) and the Institute of Environmental Protection – National Research Institute (IOŚ-PIB).

The aims of the project include the promotion of electromobility and establishment of methods supporting its development in Poland, analysis of possible impacts of the introduced electric vehicles (EV) fleet on the electricity systems and environment, as well as examination of the effects of electromobility expansion on human health.
“The world is betting on electromobility. Combining renewable energy sources and transport is a solution that by definition eliminates low emissions and comprises all the components of the sustainable development strategy that the Ministry of Environment considers a priority” – said Mr. Paweł Sałek.

In Poland, interest in electromobility has been increasingly growing, however, a considerable distance separates us from leading European countries, such as Germany, England, France, the Netherlands and Norway. In each of these countries, there have been already installed several thousand charging stations, and EV numbers range from 80 to 150 thousand. In Poland, charging stations add up to around 150, and the number of electric vehicles on the roads comes down to less than two thousand.
IOŚ-PIB, as the first among Poland’s research units, will carry out relevant and comprehensive analyses and will issue implementation recommendations in support of the development of electromobility in Poland. “Such a methodical approach is necessary to ensure the continued dynamic progress of innovative transport technologies” – said Dr. Eng. Krystian Szczepański, the Director of the Institute.

The project will be implemented by IOŚ-PIB, in cooperation with: Warsaw University of Technology (Institute of Power Engineering and Institute of Applied Research) and Czestochowa University of Technology (Faculty of Electrical Engineering), as well as the Norwegian Partner – Green Business Norway , a professional organization acting in the Environmental Energy & Technology sector.


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